Friday, May 18, 2012

Renegade South Blog

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About Renegade South

"This blog is an extension of my website, Renegade South: The Literary Works of Victoria Bynum, I created it because, as a historian who uses a lot of records and documents about ordinary people, I enjoy communicating directly with people about history. Whether you are a historian or someone who just likes history, this blog was created with you in mind. 

As the title, Renegade South, suggests, I study southern dissenters of the nineteenth century. Several kinds of renegades pass through the pages of my books and articles: Civil War Unionists and outlaws, multiracial people, unruly women, and political and religious nonconformists. The Free State of Jones, Unruly Women, and The Long Shadow of the Civil War  highlight such folks in the Mississippi Piney Woods, North Carolina Piedmont, and the “Big Thicket” region of Hardin County, Texas.

It’s often hard to imagine that many white southerners..."

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