Friday, August 10, 2012

The Smiths Go to Town…and Often (1940)

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"In 1940, The New Haven Railroad created the publicity brochure, The Smiths Go to Town…and Often. This pamphlet publicizes the half hour service – “Yes, a train EVERY HALF-HOUR from early morning till late at night to and from Grand Central Terminal, New York.”

The brochure is directed at commuter families who reside 30-40 minutes outside of New York City. The publication tells the story of the Smith family who “lived on the sound side of Westchester.” The husband, who worked in the city, took the train because he worked long days and wanted to “go with the dispatch” where he “traveled in good company” and “always arrived on time!

Mrs. Smith loved..."

To read the remainder of this article from the University of Southern Mississippi Libraries, click here.

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